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Chiropractic and Acupuncture Articles:

Having headaches is one thing that can disrupt your day and all your plans. You lose concentration since the headache can continue throbbing for hours. Treatments of your headaches vary from painkillers to more complicated methods for serious headaches. Where do you turn to for answers and who can help? Chiropractic has been the alternative choice of treatment for decades.

 With the current trends towards alternative healthcare, chiropractic has now become the normal and primary choice for headache relief. With spinal adjustments by Dr Bary, a chiropractor in Austin, Texas, the actual source and cause can be treated and corrected and not just masked by other methods. Your doctor of chiropractic will take a detailed medical history so Dr Bary can tell whether you have a migraine or another kind of headache. Headaches often treated by chiropractic include tension, stress, migraine, cervical, hormonal, and sinus headache. Your Austin chiropractic doctor will ask questions about when your headaches occur, the duration or how long they last, how often they occur, the location of the pain, the source and where they radiate, and any symptoms that can sometimes be related and/or contribute to the headaches.

 Often, it helps to keep a detailed log about your headaches before the initial consultation with Dr Bary.  That way you will have the most information about your condition and contributing conditions so the correct diagnosis can be made and immediate and correct treatment can be started. Relief is often quick and simple once treatment has started, if everyone knew how easy and non-invasive chiropractic treatments could be, their lives could be changed immediately for the better! Life without pain and limitations imposed by headaches could open the doors to a whole new world for many patients. Changing the world one spine at a time is achieved by spreading the word about how easy headaches can be managed by chiropractic.

 Chiropractic has been helping with many other health conditions as well, including Acid Reflux (GERD), Allergies, Ankle Sprain, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Back Surgery, Bell's Palsy, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Degenerative Arthritis, Depression, Disc Degeneration, Disc Herniations, Neck and Low Back Discitis, Fibromyalgia, Foot pain, Frozen Shoulder, Headaches, Hearing Loss, Hernia, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Hip Pain,Infantile Colic, Kidney Stones, Knee Pain, Leg Pain, Low Back Pain, Mid Back Pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Pull (Muscle Strain and/or Muscle Spasm), Neck Pain, Numbness, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Paralysis, Parkinson's Disease, Pinched Nerve, Pregnancy and Back Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Rotator Cuff Tear (Shoulder), Ruptured Disc, Sciatica, Scoliosis, Shin Splints, Sleep Disorders and Back Pain, Stress, Stress and Back Pain, Tendonitis (Bursitis), Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis), TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint), Ulcerative Colitis (Crohn's Disease), Ulcers, Varicose Veins, Vertigo (Dizziness), Visual Disturbances (Loss of Vision), Weight Loss, Whiplash. With the changing healthcare environment, treatment options point more and more towards conservative chiropractic care.

Treatment of Low Back pain Using Acupuncture


 Every time you have tried different types of medication and you are still experiencing chronic pain then acupuncture is an option to look at. Back pains are very common and they cause people all over the world to use a lot of money while seeking treatment. The spine is the back bone of any human mobility and any pain in spine or the back that supports it could give much discomfort and immobilize someone when it’s severe. Low back pain is bets treated using acupuncture process of needle insertion.


 To give a good explanation of acupuncture is that it’s a method that relays energy in different modes to pass through the body and on the surface too. The treatment gurus use meridian channels that act like water streams that work by hydrating the body while nourishing the cells and tissues at the same time. By inserting the needles they influence unblocking of the blockages and reinstate the regular flow of energy therefore reduce the pain. What happens is that imbalances are corrected in the digestion, absorption, all energy absorption activities making overall body function giving the low back pain healing.


 While treating low back pain, it’s believed that scientifically the needle points stimulate the nervous system which in turn releases some chemicals to the spinal cord muscles. This results to a great notable pain relief of the lower back. The chemicals released also trigger for other hormones that highly influence the body’s internal regulatory system. This later enhances the natural healing abilities of any body which is the main aim of austin acupuncture.


 Lower back pain is very sensitive and the causes too. The treatment involves should be taken up keenly by specialist. Acupuncture is usually trained to specialists and can take years to master. It is trained to be practiced as a stand up procedure not to be combined with other methods in minor cases. If the back pain is very chronic other methods can be in cooperated. Most people believe in medical treatment but on safer note acupuncture is the best way to go. 


 Finding an alternative option to medicine is safer because we know medicine will heal but in most cases if your body system works poorly then the drugs will spoil your system. Acupuncture has been used by Chinese in many years in the past and has been proven to work. It used to be practiced traditionally but over the years it has been trained professionally to be practiced in various hospitals. Prices range depending on the treatment being offered and the sessions each treatment will take. Back pain therapies are meant to be offered after thorough consultation. If your local hospital doesn’t have these services there are people who offer these services on consultation purposes only. They also have online information that you can use to gain knowledge about what happens. You could compare different information just to be sure. Some also rate their prices but you should never compare money to your health.

Austin Chiropractic Studies Low Back Surgery


After surgery on your lower back, you may feel like you've lost the ability to do much of anything.  Well, often that is not the case, especially now with the widespread use of chiropractic and acupuncture therapies that can be so beneficial both prior to and post surgery. 

Let's briefly go over suggested post surgery chiropractic therapy by Dr Bary, who practices Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Austin, TX.  For this example patient, we have a low back surgery (one month post), he is deconditioned and has marked lower extremity weakness, bilaterally.  Chiropractic adjustments, muscle stim, mild exercise ball work, until ready for next level. 

Step two encompasses daily extension exercises (superman, and cross crawl), also cross trainer 45 minutes daily within Heart Rate parameters.  Focus should be on full range of motion and pushing with arms (not pulling, or propping up on them).

Progress through extension exercises stages and let patient exercises on their own as well as altering to avoid problems (gazelle, run, bike)  and use 60% rule for strength training. doing 60% of weight when dystaxia is noted.

Continued chiropractic adjustments will ensure proper rehabilitation.  Couple this with acupuncture specific to the patients needs to get better, faster.  For more on either of these therapies or for more information on specific exercises, such as the "superman" or the "neck fixer" just ask Dr Bary on your next office visit, and he would be happy to show you them.

If you are considering chiropractic and/or acupuncture therapy, give us a call and set up a consultation with Dr Bary.

Chiropractic Leg Pain Treatment


 Many people get scared each time they have a leg pain. The pain can either be caused by field chores or other reasons. Some may have experienced the pain while in the field playing or having exercise. The pain can be so irritating and may make you to be stressful. Other factors that may lead to a person feeling pain may be due to the strain, misalignment of the lumbar or due to trauma. It is essential that you take a prompt action once you feel that you have pain on any part of your body especially the leg pain. The pain can cause inflammation on the affected part and this may lead to numbness of the lower extremities.


 One may also be shocked to know that sneezing can cause leg pain. This is because there are sensory neurons that supply impulse to the lower part of the body. Actions such as sneezing and stumbling can cause inflammation on the lumbar region. Another cause can be diabetes because it is common knowledge that diabetes normally affects the legs. Therefore leg pain may also be an indication of having diabetes. Other conditions that can affect the feet are neuromuscular disease, osteoporosis, hypertension and pregnancy. 


 Anyone with leg pain should visit an austin chiropractor for chiropractic treatment; there you will find care professionals who will administer diagnostic examination and treat your complication. Chiropractors are specialist who will administer a physical therapy to your leg thus reducing the leg pain. In addition, they may give you injections or decompress your intervertebral disc making the pain to reduce. The chiropractors use non-surgical method or a non-invasive method that will help you to feel better. People who have had leg pain they have visited chiropractors and they have found a restoration of the normal functioning of their feet.


 In clinical trials it has been proven that chiropractic treatment can provide a long term relief and help to reduce the leg pain in those patients who have broken legs. There was a seven years old boy who experienced feet problems after hitting his head hard from a fall. Later, it was discovered that the child had sustained an injury on to the upper cervical spine. After visiting a chiropractor treatment was administered to eliminate the leg pain. The chiropractor used the upper cervical care in administering the therapy. 


 The other story is of a 29 years old runner who was an athlete in both high school &college, but he quit running because of Achilles tendonitis. After being examined, it was found out that he was suffering from a spinal injury on his upper neck. He went to a chiropractor and his upper neck was corrected. The pain healed and thereafter, he was able to again run thanks to the chiropractic care.


 Lastly if you are suffering from a leg pain, it is advisable that you seek a chiropractor who will help you to ease the pain. Ensure that you look for a professional chiropractor.

How Acupuncture Helps in Quitting Smoking


 Every habit is formed and as we know not all habits are good to keep. If you take a research you will notice that bad habits are the ones that one finds hard to kick out. A very common habit on this ground is the smoking habit. Advertisements are placed all over of how you smoke at your own risk yet tobacco companies are recording high sales each day. Smoking is a health risk that can cause lung cancer and other complicated problems and smokers who have had it are looking for ways on quitting smoking.


 Acupuncture a treatment method that is done by insertion of needles to various part of the body to help stimulate blood flow. The acupuncturist use meridian channels to facilitate this method. This is believed to re-generate natural energy in the body then assists in healing. This is a traditional method that originated with the Chinese and has quickly found its ways through modern times. This is because medicine is loosing value in helping ailing people and they are tired of repeated medication that in long run doesn’t help. Quitting smoking is also believed to be helped greatly by use of acupuncture treatment.


 Quitting smoking is assisted using acupuncture. It’s validity on smoking can only be helped by attending various sessions as prescribed by the acupuncturist. Research shows that it has been found to reduce a big percentage of nicotine and at the same time reduce the withdrawals caused by not smoking. Area of response to cravings has to be identified first that will pass the meridian channels so as to get positive results. The patient should be in a lying comfortable position. The needles could give some minor pain then warmth starts flowing through out the body. This shows there is blood flow stimulation. 


 Acupuncture alone in most cases should not be relied to for complete healing. If you are getting this treatment with intention to quitting smoking, then you need to do a few extra things. One you have to have a positive attitude and stop smoking completely. The treatment will greatly assist you in finishing off the cravings completely and avoid the withdrawals that come with it. There are also other recommendations that can be given by the acupuncturist to assist the austin acupuncture treatment.


 Ears and the wrists are the positions used to insert the needles for the acupuncture treatment.  Consultation is a must in such situations so as to determine the level of smoking addiction in each smoker. Treatment cannot be given on same levels since our bodies react differently to any foreign bodies. Response of treatment is also different in everybody. In most cases the treatment has worked for people who can give a living testimony but they can also tell you they added more effort for better results. Smoking is not healthy and should be discouraged at all costs and education awareness given to the youth. Quitting smoking is therefore possible with acupuncture special treatment.


Chiropractic Treatment for Arm and Shoulder Pain


 At times you may be having arm or shoulder pain due to obvious reasons. You may have injured yourself and the pain starts developing in a few days, eventually you discover that one of your bones is broken or a dislocation might have occurred.   Over exerting or over reacting when you are playing any kind of sports might cause straining of tendons. This might cause you to have pains on the joints of your hand or neck. Some people do feel pain after just waking up, and the reason may be due to a weird sleeping positions. The pain may irritate you a lot and this makes it hard for you to use the hand that is being injured.  There are solutions if you are that kind of person having arm, shoulder pain.

 Arm and shoulder pain can also be caused by pain from other parts of the body. For example a person who is suffering from a heart attack usually has pain on either left or right shoulder. The pain can also come from the nerves that are associated with the joints at the back or the spinal joints.  Incase you are having such situations then visiting a chiropractor is the most ideal thing to do. They are specialist that will help you in reducing the pains from your body parts. Arm and shoulder pains are the common pains that individuals experience in day to day life and finding a professional chiropractic austin specialist is the best solution to healing the pain on your neck, shoulder, back or spine.


 Your chiropractor will find the cause of your arm or shoulder pain by diagnosing and doing some tests it is usually very important to find the cause of the pain before starting the treatment. There are different ways that are being used by the chiropractors in treating the broken bone. The method that they will use depends on the situation of your fracture. Those that are serious will require more attention unlike the lighter problems. Your chiropractor will help to put you in a position that you will be able to get the right treatment. In addition the chiropractic treatment can also be of benefit in treating frozen shoulders, inflammation known as the adhesive capsulitis are also treated by chiropractors. Chiropractic doctors are well trained in treating the arm, shoulder pain hence if you are suffering from such disorders you should visit your local chiropractor who will help you ease the pains. 


 Athletes who injure their arm and or experience shoulder pain should find a professional chiropractor, this will help them to heal their pain cause by training. There are sports medicines that are used to treat athletes from their arm, shoulder pains. These medicines treat them well and they have been proven to be very effective in muscle and nerves treatments. You can visit your local hospital and you will find the chiropractic doctors who will give you advice on how to change your lifestyle so as to prevent arm, shoulder pain. 

Effects of Using Acupuncture for Weight Loss


 Weight gain is something that makes most peoples lives unbearable. The fact that you cannot wear your favorite outfit and look nice in it or even jog in the morning around your block while listening to music and enjoy it isn’t really fun. Weight is gained by accumulation of unwanted fats in our bodies and due to our eating habits and lack of knowledge most of us don’t know how to shed this excess weight off. Metabolism is different in all our bodies and there are those people who have tried all weigh loss methods with no luck at all.Acupuncture becomes most people last resolution because it works.


Weight loss especially for those who are over weight becomes a major problem. If you have tried pills and exercises and failed then your doctor could probably tell you to try acupuncture. A combination of this treatment and exercise should be able to help you manage your weight quite well. Remember weight is not necessarily a disease therefore cannot be manage by acupuncture alone since it’s not about pain alone but trying to eliminate excess weight. Acupuncture is the insertion of needles or electrical stimulation of various parts of the body especially the dermis of the skin in this case of weight.


There is no conclusive research that has been done to show how austin acupuncture really works with weight loss and obesity. The basic knowledge available is that the use of acupuncture for different sessions actually re-balances the hypothalamus which is very vital as a regulatory centre in the brain. The hormones found here are used to improve greatly on nutrients processing, break down fats as well as increase and improve metabolism. Using as weight loss treatment it has sedative effect that is know to help the mind which is known to highly decrease emotional eating habits and reduce weigh loss greatly.


Chinese medicine is used in conjunction with acupuncture and it takes many different sessions to be followed strictly to see results. Insertions on the outer ear normally given the name auricular process have been proven to be very effective. An addition of Chinese medicine is given to help one reduce with cravings of sweets. At the same time anxiety of emotional components which are associated with weight loss are calmed down. This gradually gives positive effects on weight loss.

Weight loss programs are very sensitive and one should be very careful not to get a raw deal. Never compare the treatment price to your health. You could be charged less money and not loose weight since the procedure could not be up to standard. If you are looking for weight loss acupuncture you would rather spend a lot of money and get a complete body turn around on your health. Make sure you get a work out plan to exercise according to the doctors instructions. Follow every step and you will reap the fruits and maintain this body for a long time. Watch what you eat at all times too.

How Acupuncture Helps to Relieve Neck Pains


 Neck pains should not be confused for diseases and, they affect people because of different reasons. It can be mild or in some cases severe to an extent it can make ones life uncomfortable. The causes vary from sleeping in an awkward position to spraining and other causes. Your neck muscles lock and we know the neck plays a vital role in supporting the neck and any injury limits the movement of the neck. Treating these pains could mean one looking for various treatment options and one of them is acupuncture austin.


 Acupuncture is the insertion of needles to various part of body organ to stimulate blood and regulate blood flow in the body. It’s believed medically that poor circulation of blood flow causes various sicknesses in our bodies. The neck is not an exception and when it is in pain there is an acupuncture plan then has been proven to work and relief pain. This is a very delicate process since it could affect other body organs if not done professionally it will not relief neck pains.


 Acupuncture on neck involves inserting the medicinal needles into the skin thus reducing the pain and increases mobility of the spine at the same time. Neck problems such as whiplash and muscle stiffness are treated using this method. All acupuncturists work using meridian channels which they believe serve as main pathways for the flow of energy throughout our bodies. The acupuncture point are said to be so many in these channels and the body energy flowing very closely to the skins surface of these specific points hence treating the neck pains with different sessions.


 The first session in treating neck pain through acupuncture is obviously consultation. Just like the way you visit a doctor for consultation is the same way you need to talk to acupuncturist. It’s important to identify the root or the cause of the problem so that a workable treatment plan can be identified. The needles can be placed on the neck region along the meridians of the cervical spine. Some needles can also be placed on the ears specifically to relief pain. This acupuncture treatment plan has given good results.


 Any acupuncture treatment requires one to be in specific position. Wile treating neck problems the patient is required to lie face down on a comfortable table. It’s important to have the treatment area sterilized to avoid infection in other areas. A device called electrical nerve stimulator could be used to send electrical impulses which are known to provide substantial pain relief increasing effectiveness of the treatment after insertion of the needles.  The neck pains reduces after several sessions and eventually it becomes a thing of the past.


 The aim of any acupuncturist is to make sure there is proper balance of energy through out the body. With multiple treatment results are visible and it’s a safe procedure to be recommended to anyone. The best thing is that you have been healed without being taking any type of medication.

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